SIVON - manufacturer of silver and gold  jewellery with amber and other
semi-precious stones

               Collections & Design
                      the love we have for jewellery

All our collections are included in high quality catalogues. Each catalogue presents different style of jewellery - from traditional through handmade to subtle and modern one.
We always have our finger on the pulse of time. The team of our designers tracks down the latest trends in the world of fashion. Our goal is to create innovative designs being in harmony with elegance and quality, always taking care of even the smallest details. And we always take your remarks into consideration.
Novelties are created continuously so any time you wish, you can ask us for showing you new designs, even before a new catalogue is published.
And… if you wish we can prepare something especially for you.

                    Technology & Service
                         15 years of experience

Permanent investments into technology and precise quality control enable us to guarantee you impeccable finish and reorder ability of all models always with the same perfect standard.
Nevertheless the traditional craftsmanship still plays an important role when it comes to production of such a unique kind of jewellery. Skills of our jewellers in combination with high tech machinery allow us to achieve the highest standards. Everything to fulfil your needs in searching high-quality product delivered completely and on time.
Our target is permanent satisfaction of our partners. We realize that high level service is as important as the quality of the products. Efficiency, experience, competence and individual treatment will make you feel comfortably. We are here for you any time you need us.

                We invite you wholeheartedly 
                                         to familiarize yourself with our offer.

We invite you also to visit our stand in January, May and September during the Vicenza fair in Italy.