Cubic Zirconia Collection

We invite you to see our collection of cubic zirconia in silver.

Clear white sparking like diamonds or in the colours of painter`s palette.  They are universal and more affordable than diamonds.

You can choose them for your casual and evening wear.

Depending on your mood or colour of your outfit, maybe matching the colour of your eyes…

If you prefer modern type of jewellery, Victorian style or minimalist style -
we have it all.

You can choose in shapes, colours and designs.

And something for more traditional tastes natural garnet.

Stone for those born in the month of January or for everybody who loves its rich portwine colour.

We encourage you to re-discover our elegant garnet jewellery.

Almost every design with CZ can be made with garnet.

If you want to have more noble feeling for your jewellery we can gold or
rhodium plate it.

Something for everybody.